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Application form for the Round II

Application Form
for the Participant of the FirstInternational Contestof
Young VocalistsNamed after. F.I. Chaliapin

The application form is filled out in electronic form or on a demo video disc by registered mail.

(Round II)

1. Name, surname, middle name (in full) of the participant _________________________________________________________
2. Date of birth ______________________________________________________
3. Surname, name, middle name (in full) of the teacher____________________________________________________________  
4. Surname, name, patronymic (in full) of the accompanist______________________________________________________ 
5. Name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail of the organization, institution (zip code is required, for phones - long distance code) _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 
6. Address and contact telephones, fax, e-mail of the participant (zip code is required) _________________________________________________________________ 
7. Participation and results of participation in other festivals: _________________________________________________________________ 
8. The contest program (necessarily indication of the name, the surname of the composer and the author of the words, the full name and time of sounding the work) ____________________________________________ 
The address for submitting the application form for the 2nd round:
Republic of Belarus, 220030, Minsk, 17/30 Ya. Kupaly Street,
Belarusian Union of Musicians
with a note: (application for participation in the F.I Shalyapin contest)
Fax: + 375-17-222-37-33
Tel. for reference: + 375-17-222-37-33; Velc. + 375-44-771-52-39
e-mail: chorovyka100@yandex.by


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